Abstract Hearts

Online Workshop

Join me in creating Abstract Hearts, a playful and creative painting adventure! With guidance, you’ll be able to create your own uniquely painted hearts. Use the layering process in other works and learn to tap into your creative flow. No art experience necessary just a willingness to create! Embracing Playfulness is a must !

  • Online with immediate access with easy to follow directions
  • Two different instructional videos
  • Self-paced
  • A Facebook community to share your art and to connect and receive support
  • *$37 usd
  • No refunds or exchanges
Please note/comment the email address and fb user name so we can approve  your request into  to the private Facebook group.
Abstract hearts

Unapologetic Expressions by Kimberly Heil

This workbook is an invitation to..
Make Art ..
Write your heart out ..
Follow your imagination ..
Take a risk..
Show up unapologetically YOU!

Building a daily practice can take time… be gentle and kind to yourself. This isn’t a race and it’s not about creating a masterpiece. It IS about building consistency in your creative process and showing up for YOU! Get weird, make bad art, be playful, follow your creative joy, try something new, be rebellious!

Unapologetic Expression, a book by Artist Kimberly Heil

Visual Alchemy:

An intuitive journey through art and words

Come take a seat by the fire with my newest releases…

Visual Alchemy: An intuitive journey through art and words engages your heart, mind, and psyche with thought provoking artwork and prose that takes you on a journey of self-reflection and discovery of your own inner alchemy.

The accompanying Journal provides a framework for a deeper dive into the themes within Visual Alchemy: An invitation of creative prompts that ignites curiosity, thoughtful reflection, and artistic play.

As the world is calling us to be evermore present and awake to the truth of who we are, and most importantly how we share our gifts with others…

These books are a call to action to become our most gorgeous, authentic, and embodied selves.

Why children’s books?

Growing up, I was always outside, riding my bike, splashing in the brook down the street, gazing at the night sky, or making friends with the animals around me. I did not know then that the relationship I formed with nature would continue to grow and provide me peace of mind, spirit, and a love for animals that continues today. All of which inspire my works.

I write children’s books to engage young minds and reintroduce them to the great outdoors!

Gifts of Spirit - Cover

Inner Alchemy

As an artist, art therapist, and energy medicine practitioner…

My work is an invitation for you to explore your sacred truths. Through writing and art experiential we dive into your internal landscape and start to unearth and shift old patterns that no longer serve you. Mining the lessons and gifts through the creative process as you open to your divine wisdom. Guiding you to embrace the power of your sacred truth and vulnerability to mine the gold of your light and voice as you begin to embody your authentic, unique, and wonderfully magnificent selves.

Rise up!

My work is for anyone on their journey of self discovery.

  • Opening into the truest expression of you
  • Healing through storytelling
  • Creativity through art and writing
  • Light/Shadow work
  • Explore your ancestral roots
  • Recover your healing rhythm
  • Discover your sacred truth
Artist Kimberly Heil


As a warrior for sacred expression and a space holder for deep personal work, I guide individuals to find healing through rediscovering their creativity and authentic voice through the art process. I believe art has the ability to provide insights, to resolve internal conflicts, and most importantly to heal.