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I was inspired to create this Animal Deck for children inspired by my children’s book series Gifts of Spirit: Animals and their natural gifts as a way to continue to invite deeper exploration of the animals, their gifts/attributes, foster quality time with family/friends, and for children to continue to explore and embrace their own gifts they bring to the world.

The cards can be used on their own or with the books. All have their own set of instructional prompts. The books and the animal cards all build upon one another in a supportive, interactive, and fun way!

The deck, as with the books, are meant to grow with the child. They can start off as animal flash cards, then develop into a resource that allows for deeper conversations for each child to explore what makes them uniquely themselves, what their gifts are, and to embrace how amazingly awesome they are! ​

The cards also offered the opportunity to have deeper conversations with children regarding personal values, strengths, listening, problem solving, and helps to develop deeper insight, spark creative thinking, and personal confidence.​

Here are some other ways the cards can be used…​

  • Use the deck to explore and learn each of the animals natural gifts
  • Pick a card of the day—in what ways can you practice the lessons/gifts on todays card
  • Pick a card when one is needing guidance
  • Use the cards to help children identify a strength or characteristic they can embody to help them through an issue they may be experiencing
  • Use the cards as a conversation starter

The Artwork

The deck highlights expressive portraits of each animal, fun and playful, bright, bold colors, larger images, and easy to read text which I think children will love!​

I have worked on this series for three years, researching, observing, documenting, and painting animals. I love nature and am so very excited to bring this deck to life.​

New animals have joined the bunch along with three natural gifts.​


Peacock and it’s gift of radiance, leadership, knowledge

Whale, Jellyfish, Camel and so many more!


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