Visual Alchemy Collection

Come take a seat by the fire.

The Bone Woman asks you to settle deep into your body and bones as you explore the alchemy of the art and words within this book.

These stories once dormant have awakened
to be seen, heard, and held in this exact moment of time.
Calling you to break free of old paradigms and structures
An invitation to rediscover your ancestral roots, your connection with nature, and to your own divine wisdom
Crossing the threshold into a new dimension
Finding solace, insight, and compassion in those that came before us
Recovering their healing rhythms (and universal truths)
Exploring themes of creation,transformation,and self
Retrieving the medicine for changing times
Embracing the past to heal the future

Guiding you to find your most authentic and unique selves
As you begin to share your gifts and wisdom in ways
That help move, shift, and expand consciousness

Dive deeper into your curiosity, truth, and the wisdom of your divine intuition.

The time is now .

Visual Alchemy is a powerful book that is needed in the world today. Kimberly’s art transmutes your being as you look at the images and read the words. I especially love her commitment to the betwixt in-between places where we need time to integrate the image into our being. For me, the topics of grief and initiation compel you to want to go deeper into yourself. I love her work and this latest heartfelt creation of questing into our hearts, psyches, and souls. -Sarina

“Visual Alchemy” is an opportunity to explore the lessons of what it means to be a soulful human, using visual art and the language of words. With bold color and multi-layers of possibility, Kimberly invites the reader on a journey to source their own alchemy. Each painting is a meditation in and of itself. There is space for personal interpretation as well as invitations to go deeper with the accompanying words that read as poetic guides. It is a gift to be reminded of our abundant nature with messages from Source, from animals and, from the heart. – Maura F.

Your art work and words touched my soul with a deep recognition . I so feel this book has an ability to bring excitement and rekindle a passion for the earthly gifts offered to us that we may have forgotten . Your wisdom and ability to share in a way that touches the soul is a blessing. I so look forward to holding this book in my hands and sharing your love in a way that expresses your joy in life and appreciation for living in connection with the earth and all her gifts ❤️ with – Jotree


Visual Alchemy is a feast for the imagination and the soul. Kim Heil’s stunning paintings combine the dreamlike lucidity of folk art with the subtlety of deep spiritual experience. Her accompanying prose poems are powerfully evocative. The resulting book is, in the best alchemical tradition, pure gold. It will enchant people on every stage of their life’s journey. – Vici W